Paul J.H. Schoemaker

Welcome to Q2 Tech

Periphery Scanner Shows how to surface weak signals and connect the dots
Scenario Builder Never test the depth of a river with just one foot
Ambient Sensor Turn your desktop into a pilot's cockpit and don't fly blind anymore
Frame Master Triangulate complex issues the way Leonardo Da Vinci did
Shadow Boxer Role play your most formidable rivals by taking their seat
Anomaly Hunter Surface hidden anomalies to connect the dots in new ways

Who We Are

Q2 Tech is an early-stage R&D company founded by Paul Schoemaker to develop digital management tools in support of such essential organizational processes as planning, innovation, and decision making. Our products and services are customized for clients and funded via licensing fees, subscriptions, and developmental consulting.

Q2 Tech is a pioneer in the fast-growing field of digital tools that integrate hard and soft analyses supported through AI platforms. Our online solutions guide team leaders through the promises and pitfalls of codified methodologies at a lower cost, better outcomes, and more control than when using outside consultants.

Our target clients are leaders in small and large organizations responsible for managing such complex processes as scenario planning, innovation, scanning, and war gaming in key management functions. Govi Rao, Toomas Truumees, and Joe Jacob were early advisors who offered valuable support (along with others).

Robot Playing Piano

                 Blending human intelligence and computer power

Vision and Values

Distinctively Innovative Intellectual Quality Service


Blend technology-enabled insights with a sophisticated understanding of human judgment, reasoning, and choice by developing digital tools to tackle societal problems.


Attract entrepreneurs wanting to grow an employee-steered enterprise while fostering a passion for combining human talent, behavioral science, and analytics.

Q2 aims to seamlessly empower leadership teams and organizations with digital tools that provide continuous insight and context for building vigilance and resiliency. Also, by partnering strategically with social impact enterprises, we will be able to enhance the communities we serve.

Finding the Sweet Spot

The Intelligence Enterprise

Finding the Sweet Spot

Working Between

Clocks and Clouds

Karl Popper, the great philosopher of science, divided the world into two categories: clocks are neat, orderly systems 

that can be solved through reduction; clouds are an epistemic mess, “highly irregular, disorderly, and more or less unpredictable.

We Focus on Hybrid Cases

Finding Solutions That Yield Better Results

We Focus On Hybrids Diagram

Bridging C.P. Snow's Two Cultures

The Two Cultures
The Two Cultures: & A Second Look

“Two polar groups: at one pole we have the literary intellectuals, at the other scientists, and as the most representative, the physical scientists. Between the two, a gulf of mutual incomprehension.”

Q2 Tech will tackle any well-grounded and codified organizational processes entailing data, methods, and teamwork, 

in order to offer clients a practical, customized do-it-yourself approach that improves over time.

Our sweet spot is merging soft and hard approaches in order to better integrate qualitative and quantitative methods, information, and views.